Experiencing emergent knowing and how to work (emergently) with it

This experiential, reflective and dynamically immersed workshop will explore the processes and principles of emergent knowledge, around Heron and Reason's ‘four ways of knowing' , drawing inspiration from Polanyi, Capra and others, while using the sea as a backdrop and a connecting conceptual motif...more

Saturday 4th September 2010 8.30am-4pm
Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron
Pier Rd (near the St Kilda Pier)
St Kilda VIC 3182 Getting there
+613 9534 0227
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 Dr Susan Goff Dr Susan Goff is a Participatory Systems facilitator and director of CultureShift Pty Ltd, acting as a catalyst for transformational change through designing strategies for human enquiry based on action research principles. Susan's PhD through the Centre for Cultural Research, University of Western Sydney identified the value of participatory practice to sustainability. Susan describes herself as an emergent knowledge generator, constructivist practitioner (multi-perspective) and a trans-disciplinary (and inter-agency) collaboration facilitator.
 Dr Jennifer Borrell  Dr Jennifer Borrell (BBSc, BSW, PhD) is a Melbourne-based social researcher with a special interest in research epistemology and methodology. Currently with Kildonan Uniting Care, Jennifer has conducted numerous research projects for local governments, community organisations and universities in Victoria, including community arts projects, program evaluations, gambling policy and impact studies and local needs analyses. Her book: ‘Understanding Problem Gambling: The Interaction of Personal and Structural Processes' presents a holistic, dynamic, process-based approach to understanding and thinking about social phenomena, drawing on a range of theorists from physics, biology and social theory. Jennifer has a particular interest in participatory inquiry, action-learning within service systems and knowledge as an emergent process.
  Full day $400 - 10 participants - by 2nd August 2010                  
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