WC2010 International Community Development

Welcome to discussion of community development and cooperation around the planet, fair trade, volunteering and
technical assistance, aid, solidarity and awareness projects, alternative development ‘models’ and practices.

All discussions for this stream have been moved to a Ning site http://alara-icd.ning.com/
If you would like to see a YouTube of using the Ning, go to http://alara-icd.ning.com/video/how-to-use-the-alara-ning ...
or email the stream chairs Patta Scott-Villiers at P.Scott-Villiers@ids.ac.uk
or Rob Nabben at rob.nabben@deakin.edu.au


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ALARA on facebook - that's where the action (well, more action) seems to be5 Jun 2012 - 10:04pm3Claudia.GILLBERG
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