Our history

The Action Learning Action Research and Process Management Association was founded in 1991 following an inaugural Research Symposium in Brisbane in 1989 and a first World Congress, also in Brisbane, in 1990.

The organisation established itself as the world's earliest action research professional association. It was the first to mount World Congresses for this field, bringing together theorists and practitioners with novices, innovators and managers.  Renamed ALARA in 2007, the association has now held 7 World Congresses in Australian and International settings, numerous Australian national conferences, and local workshops and seminars for members and their networks.

Our members have produced 26 volumes of the Association's Journal, established a part-time professional administration, and an on-line presence at http://www.alara.net.au/ .

In 2007, ALARA consulted members to develop a strategic vision for the Association, providing a more secure and proactive position in the field of action research.

Core functions have been affirmed - the journal, the conferences, the World Congresses - and new areas of activity targeted - building Australian Indigenous practitioner capacity, actively embracing climate change and environmental responsibility in how and what we do, and building membership so that the presence of AR and AL is significantly increased across profession, learning, community and political discourse alike.

The consultation is an ongoing developmental strategy, supported by the Management Committee and its governing instruments, such as the Action Plan.