Our members

ALARA embraces people working across the immensely diverse range of methodologies, theory and substantive areas, methods and techniques that make up this new paradigm of research or inquiry: action research, action learning, inquiry process-facilitation and process management, systems thinking, developmental evaluation, collaborative inquiry, action science, participatory research, rural self-appraisal, auto ethnography, appreciative inquiry, and many other methods such as most significant change, open space technology, deliberative surveying, restorative justice and critical narrative just to name some of the more than 100 that can be identified.

We are a strategic network of people interested or involved in using these kinds of approaches to transform a wide range of settings including: workplaces, schools, colleges and universities, health and human services, rural, urban and other communities, voluntary organisations, government, business, management, the environment, agriculture, engineering, community development, information technology, evaluation and quality improvement, self help and social change groups, the environment, feminist concerns and in developing countries.

Membership is in four categories - Individual, Organisational (including Affiliate membership), ex-Offico and Life.

ALARA encourages affiliate relationships with organisations interested in action learning and action research. The organisation pays an annual fee which gives its members access to ALARA's website so that action research and learning capabilities are developed informally through interactions with members, and more formally through participation in our workshops, conferences, publications and management. Affiliate relationships entitle organisations to market their activities on our website and to open up sustained and strategic dialogue with other affiliate status organisations in the interests of action learning and research within a specific domain of activity. Affiliate organisations with substantially similar objectives to ALARA may wish to consider reciprocal membership, eliminating the respective membership fees, while gaining all benefits of Organisational membership.

Organisational membership of ALARA enables members of the organisation to apply for Individual membership for a Reduced Fee, as well as providing a number of benefits to the organisation.