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We facilitate networking amongst members and others in projects, research, teaching or learning about action learning, action research and process management and related approaches. ALARA can support a branch or network to "start up" or events and activities with seed funds (repayable once up and running). Members are encouraged to work as network hubs generating interaction among members with a particular interest or in a specific geographical area.


The first local network was Brisbane ALARA in Queensland, and this remains a highly active powerhouse. It has generated numerous activities and fund-raisers, and is associated also with Bob Dick's AR-listservice and ARwebsite.


Since 1986, ARIA, the Action Research Issues Association Inc (an affiliate member of ALARA), has been providing resources, workshops, consultancy, an Action Research Centre, organisation of networks of interested people (e.g. Teachers of Participatory AR, Friends of PAR, Vic-ARnet, SPIRAL) and publications, now also through its own imprint, Action Research Press. The organising of Victoria's current network SPIRAL was initially supported in 2002 by the ANZ Trustees through the former Action Research Program at Swinburne University and by the ALARPM committee and national Vice President. As part of that joint effort, ninety people attended a Research-in-Action Symposium at Borderlands at the Augustine Centre in 2002, and 20 people determined to continue meeting as a network.

SPIRAL comprises an e-network of around 300 people interested in all the different ‘strands and streams' associated with the action research (or ‘critical/appreciative constructivist') paradigm -- as indicated by its inclusive name S•P•I•R•A•L viz. Systemic• Participatory• Inquiry• Research• Action• Learning -- and met regularly, and produced monthly or bi-monthly newsletters for nearly ten years up until 2011.
In 2010 Borderlands at the Augustine Centre held an ALARA national conference, and after that gathering there was new energy for monthly or two monthly AR@Cafe get-togethers over a meal in Melbourne city as an excellent way to continue to meet and discuss practice. These continue as joint ARIA/SPIRAL/ALARA events in overlapping collegial friendship network.

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The Sydney AL AR network is hosted by the University of Technology's Design Architecture and Building Faculty in Broadway. We join with the UTS Systems Network and hold workshops and forums with visiting guests. Our events are published on the ALAR website and NSW members are emailed with notifications.

Links are being made with the Sydney Facilitators' Network  a network of some 700 members. ALARA welcomes the Sydney Facilitators Network to our events.