Special Interest Groups

ALARA Special Interest Groups  - SIGs 

SIGs are set up to provide opportunities for sharing and networking for special interest groups at the cutting edge of Action Research and Action Learning.

Each SIG is autonomous and is structured to provide an effective operating mode. However, each SIG will abide by the policies and procedures of ALARA.

  • SIG events will normally be self-funding.
  • Any Sponsorship arrangements will follow ALARA guidelines.
  • Each SIG will be open to ALARA members and non-members.
  • Non-members will be encouraged to join ALARA

Each SIG will normally be guided by a Steering Group [3-5 people] and one person will be named as the SIG Contact. A SIG may cooperate with another institution to present an event.

ALARA has set up a special interest group to progress our members' vision report: it is the business planning interest group. Members include Colin Bradley, Vicki Vaartjes and Susan Goff. You can find the business plan and strategic plan which is a direct result of the work of this group uploaded on this site.

Associated with this group is the members' register of expressions of interest in creating an ALARA schedule of capacity building events and services. This initiative is intended to support and promote our members in their income earning activities, bring some income to ALARA through an agreed levy included in registration fees, and promote AL and AR (and ALARA) into the mainstream more actively. If you are an experienced AL AR and associated practices educator (academic), trainer (skills focus) and/or facilitator of learning (participatory inquiry) and you want to make use of our network to deliver your services please add your details at this link http://www.alara.net.au/node/1596 and the business plan SIG will be in touch with you to develop the idea further.

ALARA has also set up an Action Research and Post Graduate Research SIG.  Postgraduate students and their supervisors therefore struggle to create a coherent space in their academic and institutional lives as they endeavor to create a rational, rigorous and legitimate place for their work, in an environment that is always questioning, and sometimes hostile to their processes of discovery. We invite you visit the ALARA website and indicate your interest in sharing your experience and exploring your issues with others. Members can join this SIG by contacting the ALARA SIG Coordinator, Ted Sandercock.

Do you have an idea for a SIG or have you and a few colleagues already set up a group that could be an ALARA SIG? If you would like to facilitate such a SIG, please contact Belinda Stafford and discuss your proposal.

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