World Congress

ALARA World Congresses are held every 2-3 years to provide a global forum for people to meet to develop concepts, ideas and possibilities, exchange of experiences, ideas, and reflection on where we are 'at' in our thinking and practice, and to get to know each other and subsequently further develop networks and collaboration. Congresses are usually presented in alliance with a related institution or network and also, since 1997, with the international PAR community network.

In 2010, the 8th World Congress was held in Melbourne Australia, 6-9th September, around the theme Participatory Action Research and Action Learning: Appreciating our Pasts, Comprehending our Presents, Prefiguring our Futures. For Congress papers, go here.

The 2006 7th World Congress, hosted by the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, focused on standards and ethics in participatory research practices.

In 2003, the World Congress  was held in Pretoria, South Africa, in conjunction with the 10th PAR World Congress, at the University of Pretoria, Tshwane. The Congress theme was 'Learning Partners in Action.' 

2000 - Ballarat, Australia 'Reconciliation and Renewal - Through Collaborative Learning, Research and Action,' in conjunction with the 9th PAR World Congress, 10 - 13 September, at the University of Ballarat, Victoria.

1997 - Cartagena, Colombia - 'Convergence in Space and Time', in conjunction with the 8th PAR World Congress

1994 - Bath, United Kingdom - 'Accounting for Ourselves'

1992 - Brisbane, Australia - 'Transforming Tomorrow Today'

1990 - Brisbane, Australia - 'Action Learning for Improved Performance'

To manage the risks associated with running World Congresses, the ALARA Management Committee has produced a legally robust Memorandum of Understanding as the basis for negotiating the agreement. This generic document was produced as a pro bono service by Queensland legal firm Allens, Arthur, Robinson, who remain available to us to support the use of this document into the future (see attachment below). The startingpoint of the MOU is the spirit of transparency and equity, and it is tied into the World Congress Policy (see below). These two documents support the Global Vice President establish the World Congress Committee and any networked groups to support that Committee's work. If you are interested to play a role in our next World Congress Committee it will be important that you are familiar with and actively support these documents.  

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