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Network of Ugandan Researchers and Research Users


Danish Action Research Network

Dutch Participatory Action Research Network (Netwerk Handelingsonderzoek)

United Kingdom

Bath University's Centre for Action Research in Professional Practice (CARPP)

BERA-Practitioner-Researcher e-seminar list

CARN - Collaborative Action Research Network

Centre for Applied Research in Education

SOLAR Social and Organisational Learning as Action Research
is based at the University of the West of England. It specialises in new forms of action research and co-inquiry to support learning and change in complex social and organisational systems. SOLAR is an organisational member of ALARPM. See "SOLAR" file at foot of page.

Revans Centre for Action Learning and Research

Sussex University Institute for Development Studies (IDS)
And its
Participation Program

Middle East


Participatory Research In Asia - PRIA

Research Initiatives Bangladesh - RIB


Action Research Issues Association (ARIA, Melbourne)

Action Research On the Web (AROW)

Action Research Resources (SCIAR)

Australasian Evaluation Society

Australian National University's Integration & Implementation Sciences (IIS) network

Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research

SPIRAL (Victoria)

Student Action Research for University Access (SARUA) deals with issues of low participation in higher education by Indigenous students and socio-economically disadvantaged students, who are under-represented in higher education. It involves senior high school students as researchers investigating barriers to higher education.

Latin America & the Caribbean Colombia Brazil Ecuador Mexico

North America

Action Research at Queen's University

Cornell University's Participative Action Research Network (PARNet)

And its sponsored international network and resource site
And its sponsored PAR and Feminisms site

Highlander Research and Education Center

North American Action Research Alliance (NAARA) - a place for on-going connection among action researchers in the US and Canada.


International Association for Public Participation for an astounding compendium of business approaches to change and knowledge, many drawing on AR approaches. See for example, change management, quality and organisational development/learning, appreciative inquiry, spiral dynamics, systems thinking, etc.