Promotes the study and practice of AL, AR and related approaches, and AL and AR networking on a global basis. There are two issues of the ALAR journal each year. The journal contains project reports, reflections on seminars and conferences, articles related to the theory and practice of action learning, action research and related approaches, and reviews of recent publications.

Systemic Practice and Action Research

Dedicated to critical systems thinking and its applications and building an understanding of the complexities of modern society. The journal examines the effects of technological advancement, including older technologies that continue to have profound effects on society today. Furthermore, the journal contributes to a rethinking of science as well as to the reflective application of systemic practice and action research in all types of organizational and social settings.

Action Research

An international, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal which is a forum for the development of the theory and practice of action research. The aim of the journal is to offer a viable alternative to dominant 'disinterested' models of social science, one that is relevant to people in the conduct of their lives, their organizations and their communities. The journal publishes quality articles on accounts of action research projects, explorations in the philosophy and methodology of action research, and considerations of the nature of quality in action research practice.

International Journal of Action Research

Provides a forum for an open and non dogmatic discussion about action research, both its present situation and future perspectives. This debate is open to the variety of  action research concepts worldwide. The focus is on dialogues between theory and practice. The journal is problem driven; it is centered on the notion that organizational, regional and other forms of social development should be understood as multidimensional processes and viewed from a broad socio-ecological, participative and societal perspective.

action research international

A refereed on-line journal sponsored by the Southern Cross Institute of Action Research  (SCIAR) within the Graduate College of Management at Southern Cross University, and by Southern Cross University Press. ARI is in recess at the moment, but past editions are available at the web address. . There are over 600 subscribers and an editorial board consisting of many of the key action researchers in the world.