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How we see the world

How we see the world

“I wouldn't have done that when I wastheir age” “Generation Y isn't able to cope with the currentcrisis” “They can't commit to anything.” “Flighty” “Norespect”

Generational stereotypes... not veryhelpful. But ever present!

In response to the above I decide toconnect with young people; To create a space to learn how differentpeople see the world and help them create positive and sustainablechange in their communities. I connected with a group of GBLT youngpeople in Rockhampton, made my offer and kicked off to a good start.I met with six young people, between the ages of 16 and 20. We talkedabout family, money, relationships and marriage. The organiser of thegroup has some great attributes, but more often than not the groupwould defer to him. I have played this role many times and found iteasy to make space for the other people in the group to talk, without“treading on toes”.

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