Conference feedback

Hello Everyone
I just wanted to say thanks for making a newcomer feel very warmly welcome at the recent conference. I have made lots of useful contacts for my studies and will endeavour to contribute positively to the collective life of the association. It was great to view ALAR through the lens of multiple disciplines- an intellectually enriching broadening experience.
Regards and best wishes


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ALAR Definitions

Hi All

I have been attempting to define the difference between AL and AR in my research proposal (which I need to finish soon for confirmation).  I used Ortrun's paper (2001) and others in forming my vague impression of the difference. After speaking to Bob Dick about this at the conference, I wondered whether others' in ALARA  had stong opinions about the difference between the two modes of inquiry, whether they'd be willing to share; and whether the difference really matters.

Regards and thanks


Lorraine Beveridge

(new member)

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