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The times they are a-changing Thesis link update

Well, not 'times' so much as university websites and referencing of URLs.

If there is any one interested in accessing my thesis it now has a new location

Dianne Allen

Kiama NSW Australia

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Other ways of accessing the powerpoint presentations

The item 'Presentations at Sydney Conference 28 April 2008' provides access to the powerpoint presentations for downloading and opening at your computer.

This has proven not transparent enough, and it may have been that my post title was not explicit enough.

So now I intend loading up one set, Susie's, to Flickr. When I have found out how to generate the appropriate address, I will provide a link and ask could you give me feedback - which is the best way to access this for you?

Slide show address

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Informal mentoring of research practice

One of the surprising comments that came from one of my supervisors while I was struggling with my masters thesis was that I would be good as a supervisor. [28/3/2001 .. made a comment about me being a supervisor – ideas person sending folk off to chase up … I am not sure that is the role of a supervisor …]

In 2002(-2006) I began work with Ted Booth at EDUT422 - Reflective Practice, a compulsory research unit in the 4th year B.Ed course. Ted pushed me from observer to participant/peer associate in inputs and with formative and summative evaluation. I was given the 'reflective' stream in the range of options of undertaking practice-relevant research from needs analysis/ program evaluation/ action research/ reflective practice.

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Personal and Organisational ... Change

I am interested to observe how I have been responding (or is it reacting?) to Sandra's material ...

Some of this response represents where I am at, currently.

I have no sense of an organisation being, apart from the individuals who agree/ continue to agree (however motivated) to stay in the organisation and operate as best they can within the organisation, giving the organisation its efficacy.   (When there is a strike, or a lock out, or a work to rule, the 'organisation' while perhaps still existing as a legal entity/ fiction, is not functioning, at least not at its full potential.   If the 'strike/whatever' is prolonged, there may become a stage when some actors have to wind up the organisation.)

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Reading Argyris and Schon

The attached table is a bibliography of the works of Argyris and Schon, separately, and Argyris&Schon together.

I was spurred to do this table, and wider reading, because of a peer challenge - had I checked enough that their thinking had not changed or been altered by later research, so that I wasn't relying on outdated and outmoded citations.

As an old librarian I was used to citations work, and as I had tracked across the 'Dispute Resolution' field (an interdisciplinary study area if ever there was one) I had resorted to tabular chronology of key contributors (at least those I was recognising as 'key' in the world of ideas and theories) to try and get some handle on how all these ideas might fit together.  The A&S table is a subset, and of bibliogrpahic details.  The green blocked sections represents the material I have read, and re-read, as I have worked with their material to help elucidate my thinking about professional practice.

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My Understanding of Reflective Research of Practice (Visual) (2005)

The following diagrams indicate some attempts to visualise more of my understanding of 'reflective research of practice'

The first diagram uses the venn concept of intersecting sets to generate a complexity.  I use the colours of the sets and their intersections to also convey information ...

The second diagram indicates the scholarly contributors to my understanding of Reflective Research of Practice, and followed the more extensive work, between 1998-2004, that I did as I moved from Research Report for coursework masters studies in Dispute Resolution to the Masters Thesis ...

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My idea of Reflective Research of Practice (1998)

While I am at this process of sharing resources, I thought this might be of use to anyone interested in tracking my thinking and its development.

The notes explaining what I thought Reflective Research of Practice might be, and where the idea/s had come from, and how this might be an important way for a practitioner to examine their own practice (eg mediators trapped in a 'confidential' sole operator, professional practice, context) were prepared for sharing with Dispute Resolution students as I endeavoured to 'sell' this strand of professional activity for professional development - something I have since found goes by the name of self-study for Teacher Educators.

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A Select Annotated Bibliography (1998)

The attached file constitutes the beginnings of my systematic exploration of action research, and my endeavour to share the readings associated with that exploration to Dispute Resolution students, as I tried to 'sell' the concept of 'Reflective Research of Practice'.

The purpose is to start up a stream of sharing bibliographies, by members, that others might appreciate accessing, and then have the capacity to contact the individual member for more detail/ explanation/ recommendation.

This idea has come out of a discussion at the ALARA Management Committee Mtg of March 2008, in relation to working with resources currently held at SCU - Bob Dick's site which has been such an enormous boon to beginners in action research ...

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Using search at this site

Just to get the ball rolling, I am suggesting you might use the search function for the software platform of this site and see what 'conference' finds for you

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Treatise on the Nature of Inquiry - Attachments to a blog entry

I am currently in discussion with folk at BERA, and am about to refer them to some of my material loaded at Community Zero ...

If I can place an attachment here ....??? That might be more accessible.

The discussion at BERA is about research on learning the research process, and on mentoring (or supervising, or teaching, or coaching) new researchers.

One of the forms my thesis took at one stage was a longer developed argument about how I was beginning to understand the nature of inquiry and the implications for learning to inquire and learning to change an established inquiry mode (ie learnign to change, part of my thesis journey).  I drew that drafting together at the end by observing some of why I think there has been little to no research of learning how to research until relatively recently.

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