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We've moved - go here for our new site. The site you're on right now will remain open for several months. To get access to members' areas behind the public site, activate your no-cost Groupspaces account at

1. Sign in (top right of screen) using as your username the email you provided with your annual ALARA subscription;

2. Choose a password;
3. On the left hand side of the page, you will see you are a member of ALARA - clicking on "View group" will take you to the ALARA site;
4. Bookmark the ALARA home page.

Alternatively, go to the new site at, select Sign In (top right), click on "Forgot password?", and after you enter your email address (the one you have registered with ALARA), you will get an email giving you instructions on resetting your password.

Discussion Groups on Action Research and Action Research on LinkedIn

ALARA member Robyn Taylor's online LinkedIn discussion group for students and educators in universities interested in collaborative and participative approaches to learning and research now has 33 members!  Further information on the group is available in the flyer below. To join go here, or search for "ALARA Inc. Tertiary Education Community" in the LinkedIn group directory. 

LinkedIn also has a discussion group on Action Research and Learning in Organisations, which has a steady trickle of discussion and questions from people apply these methods to learning in organisations. For example, there's a discussion starting on costs and benefits of applying Action Learning - What are the latest organizational assessments?  



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