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Dear friends and colleagues,

A new short course on action research – using the living systems inquiry synthesis to strengthen and deepen the insights possible from this familiar approach – is being offered in July-August this year.
Your involvement or support by forwarding the attached to people you think would find it valuable would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,

p.s. if you won't be coming to the course but after having a look at the website* would like a copy of the book at a discount (by arrangement with Allen & Unwin because you know the author) a community networks order form is attached as well.

Start: 09:00
End: 17:00

On the weekend of 20-21 July 2013 I'm offering a two day skills-
oriented experiential workshop "Foundations of facilitation" in

If you have colleagues or clients whom you think it will benefit,
I'd be grateful if you'd bring it to their attention. It's priced
at $660 ($600 + GST) and for deserving cases we also offer a small
number of half price bursaries.

The content will be negotiated with participants. I'll be using
action research principles and processes to fine tune the workshop
as it progresses. If you know something of my style you can
probably guess that it will be experiential and participative,

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