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2008: Year of the Rat - with a bang!

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Wow! What an amazing start to the year! Phew, there's been a lot going on - ALARA-wise and life generally :o)

I'm excited by the ALARA visioning process that has been underway for a couple of months now. I'm looking forward to the meeting coming up in March to discuss the visioning process in more detail.

The April edition of the ALAR journal is underway, with reviews to be undertaken of articles, most of which have come from our 2007 national conference (I recall that conference with great fondness too).

Work at my Institute is just booming too - I'm juggling my study (MEd) with an acting manager position and new incoming staff - all before the semester kicks off next week - eek!

We're also about to kick off with a new program for teachers which was developed through an action learning focus. The program also included a project based model for teachers to engage with learning and teaching issue in their workplaces (including flexible and online learning, which is my area more specifically). I'm excited to be a part of this new program and inject an action-framework into our staff professional development more explicitly! More on this as it develops...!

I'm kind of wondering if this is how the rest of the year will go - high paced, complex, consuming...!

Anyway, hoping to touch base via my ALARA blog a bit more regularly now that holidays and extra-curricula activities have faded away (sigh!)...