Adding a resource

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You can attach a document to a discussion group. Drupal calls this a "Resource." As you know, Drupal allows us to set up Groups, and Resources can be made availble to one or several Groups. Here is how this works.

The master group is the Members Group, made up of all ALARA members. All MC members have editing rights to add resources in the Members Group.  From LH Nav bar, choose "Members groups." Scroll down to the group called "Members" and open it. From the RH menu, choose "Create Resource." Create a heading and a brief description of the item. Then on the same page, under "Attachments," brows for the file you want, then attach the file. Submit. Drupal will now collect this entry and display it in the members home page as a recent addition to resources. to check this, go to LH menu/members home page, scroll down to "Other ALARA Business" and you'll see it there.

If you are in any other Group, if you can see in the RH nav bar the option "Create Resource," then you can add a resource to this group. This option is always available to the Manager of the Group, and sometimes the Manager extends that right to all members of a group. 

You can also make a resource available to other groups. For example, you might be adding a document to Publications Group and think the members of the Website Group would get value in being able to access it as well.

To do this, give the resource that audience via the "Groups" selector in the edit form for the resource. This determines which group(s) the resource will be shown in. You will see that the group you are currently in is already highlighted. Hold down the control key to add further groups.