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Reading Argyris and Schon

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The attached table is a bibliography of the works of Argyris and Schon, separately, and Argyris&Schon together.

I was spurred to do this table, and wider reading, because of a peer challenge - had I checked enough that their thinking had not changed or been altered by later research, so that I wasn't relying on outdated and outmoded citations.

As an old librarian I was used to citations work, and as I had tracked across the 'Dispute Resolution' field (an interdisciplinary study area if ever there was one) I had resorted to tabular chronology of key contributors (at least those I was recognising as 'key' in the world of ideas and theories) to try and get some handle on how all these ideas might fit together.  The A&S table is a subset, and of bibliogrpahic details.  The green blocked sections represents the material I have read, and re-read, as I have worked with their material to help elucidate my thinking about professional practice.

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