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Personal and Organisational ... Change

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I am interested to observe how I have been responding (or is it reacting?) to Sandra's material ...

Some of this response represents where I am at, currently.

I have no sense of an organisation being, apart from the individuals who agree/ continue to agree (however motivated) to stay in the organisation and operate as best they can within the organisation, giving the organisation its efficacy.   (When there is a strike, or a lock out, or a work to rule, the 'organisation' while perhaps still existing as a legal entity/ fiction, is not functioning, at least not at its full potential.   If the 'strike/whatever' is prolonged, there may become a stage when some actors have to wind up the organisation.)

So my trajectory, in understanding 'reflective research of practice' while undertaking learning that was designed to have practical value back in the organisation in which I was operating, was to heighten an appreciation of the agency of an individual, AND how the culture of an organisation might inhibit the agency of an individual.

So I am interested today, to note my 'sensitivity' to some of what Sandra is about, and how the directions I am espousing in my responses to her posts may not be being particularly helpful to Sandra's emphasis/ focus on comparing two operations ...

It may be that the idea of 'system' is usually associated with organisation and multiple stakeholders ...

It may be that my reading of Argyris, and my trajectory via Dispute Resolution, means that my focal attention is now on the 'system' of two (or more) in any interpersonal interaction ...

I am flagging here that I need to attend some more to this, and how it is impacting on how I seek to help (mentor) as I repsond to Sandra.

And notice, Sandra, that if you start engaging here, there is the potential for collaborative research about mentoring research studies/ students ... another level of investigation!!!

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The system of two (or more) in any interpersonal interaction....



Your idea of a ‘system’ of two (or more) in any interpersonal interaction… – well what can I say…. its shifted my perspective yet again and further adds to a discussion that I had with a nurse from the University of Queensland in terms of what is my thesis about?


Am I writing about the action research processes and the changes that were created by the nursing group in response to resident nutritional care?

Am I writing about the action research processes in relation to the systemic issues that are identified by the group and finding connections between structure, process and outcomes between the two settings?


Am I writing about my interpersonal interaction with the groups which consist of thier own systems of behaviour, norms etc..(residential aged care and acute care) and the way in which I facilitated the creation of change by the nurses?


If I’m reluctant to let any of these conversations go how do I successfully incorporate them into my thesis?


I also find the term ‘agency of an individual’ quite compelling, having held another focus group today and listening and a nurse responded to an issue related to management with something like“everything has to go through them, well there’s nothing we CAN do”, "this is the way it is” which is a reflection of your how a culture of an organisation can inhibit the agency of an individual, because ultimately the structure of an organisation (its vision, mission, philosophy and the designs which support these elements) impacts upon the cultural norms and values which accompany any care process.




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