Myspace to explore action learning, action research of mypractices, one of which is learning to act and research of action - what I call the reflexive turn: subject-becomes-object-becomes-subject

Informal mentoring of research practice

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One of the surprising comments that came from one of my supervisors while I was struggling with my masters thesis was that I would be good as a supervisor. [28/3/2001 .. made a comment about me being a supervisor – ideas person sending folk off to chase up … I am not sure that is the role of a supervisor …]

In 2002(-2006) I began work with Ted Booth at EDUT422 - Reflective Practice, a compulsory research unit in the 4th year B.Ed course. Ted pushed me from observer to participant/peer associate in inputs and with formative and summative evaluation. I was given the 'reflective' stream in the range of options of undertaking practice-relevant research from needs analysis/ program evaluation/ action research/ reflective practice.

In 2007 I was offered marking duties at EDGZ921 Introduction to Research and Inquiry, a compulsory unit of the Master of Education by coursework.

Throughout 1998 to present, I have been focused on the process of espousing 'reflective research of practice' as an aspect of/approach to professional development, via what amounts to self-directed learning.

Here at the ALARA website I have engaged with bloggers, and sought to offer my kind of 'peer support' - where the level of my learning has taken me, and how that might be utilised in helping others explore their interests and concerns.

Currently I am also engaging with discussions at BERA Practitioner-Researcher e-seminar. More grist to the mill.