Making content types available in a group

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This is the last task when you create a group.

As the manager of the group, you have a choice as to what types of content to make available to the group.

In the RH nav bar of the group, you'll see an item "manage group content types." Open this and you have a selection of types of content to make available in your groups. The boxes you check will be seen by members of the group, so that they (not just you) can add different types of content.

But choose what content types will be needed by the group.

Blog entry. In the early days of the site, we let blogs get set up within a group. This devalues the blog's function as a personal record/statement. Most of the time, please don't switch this on. If people want to link one of their blog entries to the content of a particular group, they can choose this group as an audience for their blog.

Discussion topic. All group members should be able to create a discussion topic, so switch this on. If members start creating topics willy nilly in a way that splinters existing topics and the group's capacity to follow discussion, then you can step in as you would in facilitating a group and suggest they pay more attention to linking their thoughts to exisiting topics before spinning off a new topic.

Meeting intro. This is one you should use but not make available to the whole group. Here's a trick - you as the group manager can still see all items, and use them, even the unchecked item not available to group members. THe intro gives the current status of activity in the group - what is being discussed, worked on, tec. The intro can be displayed as just a title or a teaser with a 'more' link to click on to read the whole text, so that a long intro does not take over the whole home page of the group.

Resource. Make this available, so anyone can add a document relevant to the group's work.

Wiki. Use judiciously. Make available only when there is an agreement or commitment in the group to joint production of a point of view or document. Otherwise, people will grab the Wiki format and use it to set up a topic for discussion. This degrades the meaning of a wiki - something all members of a group work on and edit equally.

Story. This is for a story. Like a Discussion Topic, people can comment on it, but it displays with a lead para as a teaser, then the reader can go onto the full story. We haven't used it much yet.

Addendum: If you go in to set up content types and find a type not available, get onto the wesbite administrator and he or she will ....

go back up a level to the 'master' configuration for the OG content types. Probably only accessible via
the admin account.

From the black admin menu bar Organic Groups -> OG Content types -> overview

Choose the group you are interested in and click on 'assign content types'
under 'allow' select the content type (in this case 'discussion topic')
(usually we don't need to do anything with 'require')
save assignments

Now that content type is available to the group administrator to decide whether to activate or not.