Participatory Development Methods: Skills and Processes at UTS Sydney

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4 Jul 2008 - 1:00pm
4 Jul 2008 - 3:00pm


From Architecture to Facilitation: Aninteractive story in three parts 


Dr. Martin Butcher 

Victorian Department of Sustainabilityand Environment 

Time: 1.00 PM to 3.00 PM 

Location: DAB  Building Room 407 (CB.06.04.07) 

This talk (event) will be based on Dr.Martin Butcher’s PhD research titled 

‘Participatory Development Methods:Skills and Processes’ 

It will be conducted in three parts. Part 1will commence by looking at the kind of environments that we like and why welike them. Part 2 will look at what it means to be ‘modern’ and how it might beinterpreted today. Part 3 will discuss the role of a development professionalin a complex world confronted by wicked problems.


Dr. Martin Butcher gainedhis PhD in Community Engagement and Participatory Development.  Hisbackground is in architecture, planning and facilitation. His vision is a worldwhere people express their creativity and live long, enjoyable lives. Hisstrategy is to create frameworks for people to express themselves, listen toeach other, learn and grow.

Martincurrently works at the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environmentin the Engagement and Partnerships Team where he leads learning and developmentin the area of community engagement. His recent work has been to develop atraining program in community engagement planning, which is being adoptedacross a number of Government agencies. 

As part of hisPhD thesis Martin developed a DVD called ‘Outside the Gates: DevelopmentProcesses for the Real World’ that provides an insight into participatoryfacilitation processes based on Martin’s long experience as a facilitator.