Donna's first email about the funds

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<!--StartFragment-->Dear Susie, John and Dianne,
The ALARA term deposit matures 19 July 08 and you need to make a decision about reinvestment.
$35000 matures and interest of $1577.79 is payable. ($5000 withdrawn to pay operating expenses)
There is currently $7610 in the ALARA account with all creditors paid. The June 08 BAS should be a refund $85 (quick calc)  so no liability there.
With the credit interest, the cheque account balance will be $9187. I am not aware of any conference invoices pending, but you may have more current knowledge of commitments.
The best rates available are 4 mths @ 7.8% and 6 mths @ 8%
Please advise what you would like to do- term & amt to invest.
Best wishes,

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The executive's question

It has been suggested that we reinvest $25000 in the fund and keep the difference (some $11500) to manage ongoing development and administration expenses.

My caution is our confidence in replacing this money without a convincing business plan, highly attended conference and proven marketing strategy.

What costs do each of us see our strategies involving between now and the conference (Sept)?

Donna - what administration costs are you looking at (not including conference registration processing) and how much is the mail out and its associated printing going to cost?

Marg F - What costs are associated with changes to the constitution?

Marg O - What overages from the conference could we be picking up? Carbon taxes, virtual connections, etc etc

Ross - What web costs?

John - any financial fees?

Vicki - any marketing costs for conference or generally?

Ted -and Di - do you have any advice?

I am aware that this fund has been grown carefully over any years and I do not want to see it fall. However I am prepared to consider investing in building ALARA if we think returns are likely. They will only be a reality as a result of what each of us does.

Donna needs a solution by July 18... can we please quickly give our thoughts about how much to reinvest? I will close this group down once we have made the decision.

Susan Goff

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Trends ...

Looking again at the income and expenses for ALARA over recent years expenses work out between $18000 and $20000 per annum.

The drawing down of $11500, together with the current balance available of $7600, gives us about $19100 to work with for a year's transactions. As income arrives it can be deposited in term accounts, to restore this draw down from accumulated funds.

The trends John has reported indicate continuing negatives through 2009-2010. It was on the strength of that we are going to the membership for fee increases.

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Progress with this discussion

Hello everyone

We seem to have worked this out to a point but there are still issues that need discussion.

We have reviewed expenditure and income between now and the AGM and we think we will not need to draw down additional cash to fund ALARA's operations. With membership fees coming in, and expected income from conference and SA workshop, even if limited, we should be OK. At the conference we will run interactive activities with the members to seek their input on how they want ALARA to be and what extent of organisational development they want to invest in. Currently the membership seems largely uninterested in our implementing the visioning document to the extent they are either involved in implementation or use of what we develop. So we may be at a saturation point until the membership has had a chance to catch up.

However there are some potential financial risks with the conference that we are depending on the conference event management team to decide and get back to us about as a matter of urgency. They are questions about whether there are: costs in going carbon neutral, additional marketing costs (like ads in local papers)  to ensure a high local participation in the conference in the ACT, and costs of going virtual. We are also unsure about how to process early bird registrations and what the costs of MYOB could be.

Di is tracking these questions with individual conference management team people in the absence of a team meeting.

We will get back to you here, with the outcome.

Susan GoffPresident

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