Open space concept and processes

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The Organising Team has developed a loose conference format enabling ‘open space’ discussions to encourage delegates to ‘workshop’ issues and ideas.

What are ‘open space’ sessions? Tree Bressen (n.d. p.7) describes what an open space event is all about:

Open Space is a method of organizing, in a relatively short amount of time, as many sessions as participants want to convene, on whatever topics they feel passionate about.  (One hour is sufficient for hundreds of people to set up a full day’s worth of sessions.)  It is a structured but self-organizing process, and has been used successfully in settings across all sectors:  business, community, political activism, etc.  The core guideline is:  “Take responsibility for what you love.”  Participants are encouraged to move on to a new group (or session) any time they are not teaching, learning, or otherwise adding or receiving value.

Day 2 of the Conference will major on such 'open space' to allow all participants to work with the inputs from the catalyst paper presenters and any emerging themes. 

The 'open space' sessions will be supported by inputs from the provocateurs.