Prospective Conference proceedings publication

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The Organising Committee and ALARA's Publications Group are considering best ways and means for publishing proceedings arising from the conference: from presenters' catalyst papers; from open space discussions; from the conference planning process.

One such proposal includes:

  • The catalyst paper forms the basis of paper.
  • Participants are encouraged to take on board the conversation that has resulted from their catalyst paper (perhaps we can even offer them the summary that is filmed/recorded for the plenary session wrap up)
  • They could include remembered conversations which are then authenticated by the vocal stakeholders (this would require them to get a list of email addresses to engage consultation)
  • The catalyst author and willing vocal participants may agree to co-author the work (this is something that could emerge in one of the sessions on day 2 and some initial planning as to how to write.)
  • They could follow the model of a paper written by Sankaran, Swepson and Hill about examining a thesis in which each of the stakeholders told their story and the final paper was the resultant stories.

Expressions of Interest for peer reviewed papers for the October edition of ALARj (which may then appear closer to November/December to allow for post-conference work) remain open until 31 August 2008.

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