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Please download the attached file for Final Program details

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Session 4 on 2nd day...

Hi Di, I think the open spaces on Day 2 that follow on from the workshop sessions on day 1 are a great idea. Should I be able to see one for Session 4? (I can see sessions 1, 2 and 3) -- best regards, Yoland

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Sessions on day 1 and day 2


One of the styles of my expressing what I know usually involves counting ...

Firstly, there are 4 sessions for presenting on day 1, and, by the way, your catalyst paper presentation and dialogue discussion (first round) happens on day 1 - Thursday, in session 4.

Secondly, there are 3 sessions of open space on day 2, one of which is scheduled to occur over the working lunch, if that time is needed for those kinds of discussions.

There isn't any particular nexus between the 4 sessions on day 1 and the 3 sessions on day 2.  Rather, what I think the Organising Committee is envisaging, at least this is how I am understanding it, is that by 4.30pm on day 1, all the presenters will have delivered their catalyst papers and the provocateurs will have helped presenters and participants get as much as possible out of those hour sessions plus discussions over morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.  Then Ross Colliver will gather the whole group into a plenary session, and seek to draw out, with the provocateurs, the presenters, and any session recorders, what were the issues, highlights and creative stirrings that developed in the sessions over the day (to complement the 2-minute speil each presenter has had at 10 am that day), and especially how the different inputs might be contributing to a whole conference understanding of the theme of the whole person, and, perhaps, what has emerged, rather than what might have been planned.

Then, overnight, everyone has the opportunity to sleep on it, or sleep it off, as the case may be.  On day 2, at 9am, Bob Dick will gather his provocateurs together and seek to start the day off with reflections, and again trying to draw out the thematics of day 1, before all participants start to choose which particular thematic they wish to explore further, and to gather with others of the same interest, in any size group from 2 to plenary, for the open space, to take their examination of, dialogue about, the theme, further.

I envisage the possibility of cross-fertilisation of presenters' material on day 2 that wasn't possible in the concurrency of day 1.  I envisage the non-presenting participants finding that they have something important and relevant (and maybe even exciting!) to share, from their experience, and one or more of these people may well formulate an issue/idea/dilemma to share and become a focus for new discussion, and/but drawing in the inputs and presenters of day 1.

The time, from 9.30-1pm, on day 2, being 'open space', there may be some participants who find that they want to, and can, put in 3+ hours, on day 2, into that one area, and consequently do some substantial, collaborative work towards a joint outcome (maybe a publishable item).  Others, with a different thinking and learning style, and open perceptive data gathering techniques, might find themselves moving around, from group to group, for 30 minutes or so, at  a time, depending on how long they need to be there to see how what is being discussed, at the time, contributes to their interests, and their practice concerns.

Thirdly, ... this is usually the point where I have found I have lost count!, especially if I have interposed a number of explanatory brackets between the last time I was counting, and now :).

So: I hope that what I have said, so far, helps you see that there is not a scheduled session 4 on day 2 for open space mirroring of discussions on day 1, unless you, as participant, and with negotiation with other participants, establish such a session.

Might I elaborate a bit more?  The afternoon of day 2, with a session for affiliates of ALARA (of which ARIA is one) and for conference evaluation and ALARA the organism (AGM and visioning) and closing ceremony, may well be 'session 4' - but in a different style. The focus in the afternoon is asking the question: where to from here?, and at individual, organisational, and ALARA-servicing-its-members perspectives, and in plenary mode .. at least that's the way I see it, and with the openness, on the day, amidst your peers, to negotiate something quite different, and much more exciting than any organising committee could have imagined!

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