Action learning course, Brisbane

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23 Oct 2008 - 8:30am
24 Oct 2008 - 5:00pm

Bob Dick is offering a two day skills-oriented workshop "Action learning" in Brisbane. $594 ($540 + GST). A small number of half price bursaries available.

The workshop treats action learning as a team-based process in which team members work on individual or collective issues or problems. Because learning is experiential and happens "on the job", transfer of
skills to the job is easier to achieve. Action learning can be used for project work, leadership development and organisational improvement, among other applications.
The workshop is intended for people who would like to improve their ability to set up and facilitate action learning teams. It is likely also to be relevant for facilitators and consultants who can use
action learning processes and principles in their work.

The workshop will help participants enhance their skills and understanding through a mix of theory, instruction, and practice. Workshop content will be negotiated with participants. However, it is very likely to include the following:

. Creating the learning infrastructure -- setting up the action learning program, determining roles, and recruiting participants, mentors, sponsors and facilitators
. Negotiating mutually-beneficial projects with participants
. Setting up the action learning groups
. Facilitating the action learning groups

There will be opportunities for participants to practise the skills in a supportive atmosphere, with helpful feedback. Knowing something of his style you can probably guess that the workshop will be experiential and participative, with theory and practice well

Anyone interested will find further details at
Or contact Bob via email