Friends of Earth Sea Level Rise Climate Change Community 21- 27 November 2009

21 Nov 2009 - 9:30pm
27 Nov 2009 - 9:30pm

Please see the attached flier for details of the walk from Sorrento to Port Melbourne to highlight the impacts of climate change and sea level rise on the communities of Port Melbourne

Port Phillip Rising - Sea Level Rise Walk - November 21 – 27 2009


We are walking to highlight the impact of sea level rise on our communities and around the world. We are walking to demand real action on climate change. We are walking for climate justice.


We are walking the eastern side of Port Phillip Bay in Victoria, to highlight the impacts of sea level rise on people, communities and landscapes along the way.


The sea is already rising at an increasing rate because of climate change. Scientists are predicting seas will rise globally by more than a metre by the end of this century, and perhaps much more. For example, melting of the Greenland ice sheet is accelerating, it contains the equivalent of about seven metres of sea-level rise. Around the world many thousands of communities will be lost and hundreds of millions of people will be displaced.


Leaving Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula, we will head north along the coast, marking the potential sea level rise where we can with a simple marker (a stick with piece of blue ribbon).


We will walk between 15 and 20 kilometres a day, and we welcome people and organisations to join us for sections of the walk.


The walk will conclude in Port Melbourne. Early next year the walk will continue along the western side of the Bay.


During the walk, we will collect images and video grabs of people and places asking them to explain their concerns about climate change, sea level rise and what they want to see the state and federal governments to do; including Kevin Rudd at Copenhagen.


We will post news, stories, images and video as we go so visit this site often or sign on for updates at website.


We will hold three public meetings on sea level rise in Rosebud, Frankston and St Kilda - see link below, attached PDF or end of email for details


The walk has been initiated by Friends of the Earth Melbourne in partnership with the Victorian Climate Action Centre and a range of local groups including Friends of Frankston, Southern Peninsula Indigenous Flora and Fauna Association (SPIFFA), and Western Port Peninsula Protection Council.


We hope you can join us


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