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Australian Social Innovation Camp

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I came across this in my web search last week and have been reading the ideas and blog posts to see what it is all about.

The 'camp' is an open conference that is happening 5th to 7th March 2010. The Aussie Social Innovation Exchange (ASIX) is a member of the global Social Innovation eXchange network. But what IS it?

ASIX was borne out of a meeting in China where Cisco and others joined together at a conference on social innovation. The Austrlaina drive has been to seek out innovative ways to solve business problems and also find solutions to un- and under-employment.

Work has begun on a Social Intermediary Pilot with Innovation Exchange
which has developed a service model to enable business
innovation through opening opportunities for collaboration to solve
business problems or identify and utilise specialist capabilities and
underutilised intellectual property resources. ASIX has formed a
partnership to test this approach to finding solutions to Australia’s
low levels of Workforce Participation and to improving levels of
healthy & independent aging [http://asix.org.au/content/how-it-all-started].

So ASIX looks at better ways to tackle social issues using technology to leverage solutions. There are already some interesting and challenging ideas being posted for the March Camp.

It might be something ALARA could contribute to and perhaps affiliate itself with such a network. The networks seeks to grow into a network of networks. Who better to contribute than ALARA?