October 09

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What we originally thought was AR@ItalianRestaurant in reality turned out to be AR@ZiaTeresa last Thursday evening.

Nine of us had a great discussion with manifold contributions regarding engaging a cohort of Indigenous public health academics with academic public health programs nationally and initiating action reflection cycles both within the cohort and locally within the programs. Thanks everyone for your input, my passion for this project has expanded exponentially.

We also heard about some further fabulous challenges from the field in particular Margot and Patricia's work on leadership with the aged and Jennifer's challenge of initiating an AR research culture within her organisation and other morsels that we savoured. There's lots on - but folks, this is AR, a democratic process so lets open the focus of the next session for bids . . .

Whoever would like to lead and pose tasty dilemmas about ways of working that we can digest and ponder with fab Italian food . . . please Reply All and share

The question we warm up to, (this process relies on your participation . . . sigh . . . please share brief comments or loud endorsements), can be the focus of our next session:

AR@ZiaTeresa is
Monday December 7 @ 6.30pm
90 Lygon Street
Brunswick East, 3057
9380 1218

bon appetit for AR and all things delicious


PS: let's remember to BYO next time and keep costs to max $25.00 per head so concession card holders can attend without fear


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From Jeannette Kavanagh

Great to catch up on Thursday.

I enjoyed also having the opportunity to provide my input into Bill's project. I'm not sure if we got going on a process I have found particularly useful in my course writing or curriculum design work, and that is backward design. No doubt Bill you know Grant Wiggins & Jay McTighe's work back to front - excuse the pun. Basically, it's a case of starting with the end in mind - the desired results (goals or standards) - and then deriving the curriculum from the evidence of learning (performances) called for by the standard and the teaching needed to equip students to perform (Wiggins and McTighe, 2000, page 8).

I've found that backward design approach a very good way to focus big projects. One thing that's difficult about it is that in the case of your project Bill, those outcomes still have to be teased out, debated and agreed upon. I mention their work too because it could be used in the very early ‘tell me your dreams for this project' discussions you'll be facilitating.

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Email from Jennifer Borrell

Thanks for arranging this Bill and everyone for a very interesting and lively evening.

In case this is of interest to anyone the Productivity Commission has an interesting chapter on future research arrangements in its draft report on gambling. I think it has relevance for research beyond the gambling situation. Responses can be made till mid December. The link is:


Chapter 15 Gambling policy research and evaluation (PDF - 308 Kb)
15.1 Introduction
15.2 Improving gambling data: collection, national consistency and access
15.3 Improving national gambling research
15.4 Improving policy evaluation and review
15.5 A forward agenda for gambling research

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