Survey: Capacity Building

20 Nov 2009 - 12:00am
4 Dec 2009 - 9:12pm

As identified in our business plan, which progresses our members’ vision for ALARA, we are progressing the capacity building strategy this year.

A Special Interest Group has been established with members: Dianne Allen, Bob Dick, Elyssebeth Leigh, Vicki Vaartjes and Susan Goff. The group has agreed to a small pilot using Susan’s company, to see how a capacity building process would work. In mind is that ALARA members with the ability to deliver capacity building events will have the option to use the public, ALARA Events Website to market and handle registrations for their events. This website allows our Administrator, Donna, to do the financial management and accounting for each event for the member, and to draw from the event’s intake a negotiated percentage for  ALARA and for Administration fees.  The logistics are handled by the presenter who can market their event through the ALARA networks.

Please follow the link to the online survey and make your voice heard on this critical issue:

The survey is open for 2 weeks (closing cob 4 December 2009) and results will be published in the Notice Board.  Your comments remain confidential.