AR@ZiaTeresa Thursday November 5th - Inaugural Gathering

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Our inaugural gathering at Zia Teresa kicked off with a fabulous warm up through Jeanette Kavanagh’s accounts regarding the liminal borderland where on-line dating and real life intersect. Intriguing characters populated her narratives that could be neatly conceptualised as “Amazing Tales of Desire from the Borderlands.” Of course everyone had comments and questions and it provided a terrific accompaniment for the fresh entree of bruschetta on crusty toasted Italian bread.

The main course for the nine of us was a great discussion and manifold contributions regarding my musings about processes for engaging a cohort of Indigenous public health academics with academic public health programs nationally and initiating action reflection cycles both within the cohort and locally within the programs. Thanks everyone for your input, my passion for this project has expanded exponentially. The main course of food, three choices– I had wonderful fennel seasoned pork sausages with seasonal vegetables – was also satisfying.

Subsequently, we also heard about some further fabulous challenges from the field in particular Margot and Patricia’s work on leadership with the aged, Jennifer’s challenge of initiating an AR research culture within her organisation and other morsels that we savoured.

The coffee was also aromatic and delicious!

Our next gathering:

AR@ZiaTeresa is Monday December 7 @ 6.30pm

90 Lygon Street
Brunswick East, 3057
9380 1218

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