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The times they are a-changing Thesis link update

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Well, not 'times' so much as university websites and referencing of URLs.

If there is any one interested in accessing my thesis it now has a new location

Dianne Allen

Kiama NSW Australia

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PS tip for handling gobbled-gook in posts ...

If you get a lot of microsoft format gobbled-gook in your posts, whcih just happened to me because I was rusty at posting here, the answer is what is going on with WORD and this website.

The solution is to copy and paste any material from WORD to Notepad first then copy and paste from notepad to here .. then the nonsense will disappear.

You might need to check on clearing out 'invisible' nonsense by deleting invisible characters in this comment box ..  I did that by making sure there were no charactersbetween locationANDDianne, and then putting in fresh spaces and lines and then the text copied from Notepad

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