Eighth ALARA World Congress 2010

Eighth ALARA World Congress 2010

Appreciating our Pasts
Comprehending our Presents

Prefiguring our Futures

September 6-9th 2010, Melbourne, Australia
September 4-5th 2010 Precongress skill-sharing workshops

Dr Alan Rayner, a naturalist who uses art, poetry and a new form of mathematics toenquire into and communicate about our natural human neighbourhood.

ProfessorBudd Hall, Director of the Office of Community-Based
Researchat the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada, who
pioneered action research in Tanzania in the early 1970s.

ProfessorLinda Tuhiwai Smith, Pro-Vice-Chancellor Māori at the
University of Waikato, New Zealand, known internationally for her work
on research methodology and Māori and indigenous education.

Yoland Wadsworth, author of Australia's twobest-sellingsocial research and evaluation books, who brings 38 years of
participatory action research in health and human services.

Congress Streams

Social Ecology -International Community
Development - Health and Wellbeing - Systems and Organisational Development -
Education and Learning - Decolonising
Practice with Indigenous Peoples


The Action Learning and Action Research Assoc.

is a strategic network of people interested in using action research and action learning to generate collaborative learning, research and action to transform workplaces, schools, colleges, universities, communities, voluntary organisations,
governments and businesses.

ALARA's vision is that action research and action learning will be widely used and publicly shared by individuals and groups creating local and global change for the achievement of a more equitable, just, joyful, productive, peaceful and sustainable society.

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ALARA in partnership with Borderlands Cooperative, Oases Graduate
the Power and Participation Team, Institute of Development Studies, and
Deakin University