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Using web services to revisit conference themes: a test case

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Last time I blogged, I mentioned again the efforts of Beth Kanter. Since then I've been snowed under with a major project at work, and have really just "resurfaced"!

One activity I was recently involved in was a conference, the Moodle Moot AU. Moodle Moots are run around the globe and provide an opportunity to show and tell experiences of using the open source online learning platform, Moodle. The one I attended was held in Melbourne just a couple of weeks ago, at the Convention Centre in Southbank (a very nice conference venue I must say!).

In continuing my blogging theme of using social networking services to bring people and ideas together, I want to briefly highlight my use of such 'tools' at this conference, as a 'test case' or 'discussion catalyst'.

First off, I presented at this conference and happily received specificu

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Aas the conference prngresged, I yselft ook upLttbeosingase I attendedvpasiou seussiohGoves the2e anddfomt my"last blog pos:.


How, ...do you sehe online"collbornatioechaniking'shoswe /comunlicale and.oraniase? .


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Wh atIh hdetocbwy coscsiou ofase I unde ook thsle online activitieedursing the conference, was ow mlightIrpe- use tisgiitfornatioL andSi, wyseth atwcoeldbwymewaoginuo t mline and"othes'e learning(andddeveopmgen?y I wan't just projecsing"statmmensd uatgintg theatmospthrce, I wanted togente te semeccthstioLSi,mline and"othes'e thinkin,yesSpecialle wherea seussioh really hdeemeequessioning(ad ide,hap prache, thory jor proces.n Conferencehaa wysesehmetocbwyGove whlmuing p> nall,> ned by the-andyouI've hdeenrough of thebrpSi,dumpts andnege: a;brea. Wwlle, Ifelntth at through using such serviceswas Ttmittrs thnd leveoite andcontenue t makeh conjecsioasbeyoand the-even ine a meaurded wtyth atdidn't reelhlmktr I wastgoine t d"clos> hs> haradd"ffot ewasinsbethind themeuspag!;

Fneall,> nootherob sernatioL whn, I returend omet and r-vieges the tmittrg-fee>dfomt>Moodle Mootahdewtdays _latre, wasth atIh coeldqulicllys can thescfrent andgene o snseh of themgain thmesefotd"naroactietearsd"fth atdoimintges the conferenceitself>. Thuse to rtgain the experiencd inbou sot-evenSof w fhind thedDetaistmay blou,dwetb"ial ' snse't tros> thmesetfot the pos spot).

'msionhaenSineuspnut uherofgTwmittrg and Iamsionha regualah bloggu,d uatIhfhind theuargo andmewasinfuo use of such'toolL whn,-evensf suchase thsle(re) conjectmee t tros> thmese and ideas h atentegiuse "bloc&quoep

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Wednege:tocbwy coscsiou of the"liminacite of theWebe and the wyse in hiuchwe /cansubnvrtd thedDsignhes'eiontensioaswwhn, provisinguas with web services suchaseTwmittr,ffot"othesalmktr cealse tisgsubnvrstioL"basd iohnvonatlsedDsigne anden cormageeteacthesa andnlear nedlmktwishedDsignhes> t naurd flexibiacite inthmiredDsignss h atentablas the uher onuseh theap blicatiodSi, wyseth at thyI ish, oachdfomtPowerPgoint topen tose and the Inte nee preo boadly!;

Loreri oaisge: agMooepgointinf ther/commene t ey "last blog posssaysing t at the use of such'echnobloythisbtest-lef upLttg th.
in'dvidunae uhes -e I have toagfre,yesSpecialleSofyou areseenkin.
au thntico andmewasginuo conjecsioas with people and with ideas andSitfornatio).

'ldbwykbeen to s are"othes'e troughse at the>World Congress 201">upcomuing>World Congress in Melbourne and licwupLtthebatonf Elalindhwaslalnddowoeaand"peen the'discussiots around ow such'echnobloris Sitlquencnbou.
wyse of conjecsin,y co!epxualishing and"trnstforhingknowledgcs! 'l.
loave to s are inbothes'e expericnces of wyse of using echnobloythn.
pe actceeth atmay provideou ssome test cass>dfomt hiuch t writequf

... andALAR'se online"conjecednrss:.


Ie thindwetbhcoeldbwy rcognizsingd"crowd-/sourced"f"trnstforactie.
learning(and online actioL sta 'ditSinttb"teams witain>ALAR,t hiuc.
ssom tims o eoacesa co> >ALARA/comunlty.   . .


...Ovher onyou! :o).



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