Action Learning for Kids: Global Design for Change Project

 I thought members may be interested in the Design for Change global schools movement.  An Action Learning program for Youth in schools. Small groups of students with Mentors identifying local issues important to them, developing ideas, implementing them, sharing locally and globally and reviewing their actions.

This movement was started by Kiran Seth in India. After talking on TED the movement has gone global. Design for Change is now in Australia. I am assisting share this story with people who may have an interest in being involved - educators, parents, researchers, youth, community groups, and more. I have attached links to the Australian and global websites which include video links  and registration information for Australia.

Registration for 2010 is by September 17. I.

Please share with other interested groups. I am available for continuing conversation regarding this project.

Yours sincerely in action learning! 

Deb Lange 

DFC_Guidelines-4.doc32 KB
One Week to Change One Billion Lives.pdf80.09 KB
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Action Learning in Action

As a life long reflective practitioner and action learner I believe this needs to make a real difference in my life.

I am now posting blogs on an online journal called elephant journal about my daily reflections and actions that I take when I have uncovered blind spots, learnt something and atke action.

Attached is one about transforming my relationship with my mother.



deborah lange 

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