Emergent reflections

A space where I can digest some thinking through the writing process - liminal, emergent and reflective.

Day 1 of the 8th World Congress

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I fly out of Canberra with flu: body aching, mind mush, heartstrung from toddler and husband...

...arrive Melbourne: sun pushing through the grey clouds - at least the wind has stopped!

Soft pillows! Crash.

Day 1 dawns at the 8th World Congress

Morning spark - feels promising. Tentative awakening - stretching body.

Day 1 has begun.

Pause. Good morning. Warm smiles floating by. Eyes glimpse tags and familiar faces here and there. 

Good morning - ding ding ding.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  mmmmmmmmm mm mmm m m.

Greetings to(from?) the painterly world of Alan. Huh? What? Science?

Inclusion! INclusion, INClusion, inclusiON

Funghi are action researchers too!

de-colo-nisi-ng practice a new space to move, awaken new histories, realise Self and (re)connect.

bounty - possibilities - registering

Feeling warmer, more flexible. Possibilities shift and bob on the horizon - still not clear yet, but am more alert.

Ah, the thin edge of evening approaches!

Knitting the day's reflections  perhaps attempting a new pattern?

Knitting together Day 1 reflections

Discourse - discord - disonance - distinction

The AR/AL molecules begin to warm tot he occassion - vibrations are underway!

And then there's this!

Action Learning Action Research Conference 2010 from oases graduate school on Vimeo.

The organising committee of the Action Learning Action Research World Congress of 2010 talk about what Action Learning and Action Research mean to them, about the ALARA event, and the opportunities for networking, relating and learning there.