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Zada Pajalic

RN, BSc, MSc, Doctoral student inmedical sciences

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Title of thesis: Food distribution in Sweden from different perspectives – older people,decision makers and various professionals – An action research study

Supervisors: Kirsti Skovdahl PhD, Albert Westergren Professor, Lena Persson PhD


"Omvårdnadgör skillnad" research group with Kisti Skovdahl PhD, Örebro University,2008

"Mat Måltid Hälsa i 24 timmars samhälle"research group with Professor Maria Lennernäs and Professor Albert Westergren,Spring 2010
Key words: action research, interviews, older people, food distribution, mealbox.

"Aktionsforskningi kommunernas äldreboende där brukare och personal är delaktiga" researchgrupp with Kirsti Skovdahl PhD and Inger James PhD, Autumn 2010

"Nätverkför Ätande och Näring i Nordöstra Skåne (NÄVER)", 2006 & "Fokusgrupp Matdistribution" Nord Östra Skåne, Sweden, 2006

Member of the Collaborative Action Research Network(CARN), UK, 2007.

Member of Action Learning & Action ResearchAssociation (ALARA), Melbourne, Australia, 2010


Pajalic, Z., Karlsson, S. & Westergren, A. (2006).Functioning and subjective health among stroke survivors after discharge fromhospital. Journal of Advanced Nursing. 54(4):457-466.

Pajalic, Z., Persson, L., Westergren, A. &Skovdahl, K. (2010) “Food distribution – a fragmentary intervention” Food distributionto elderly persons living in their own homes – various professionals’ views.Health & Social Care in the Community. (submitted).

Pajalic, Z., Springett, J. & Dychawy-Rosner(2007). Ensuring a receptive context for participatory action research as avehicle for change: The example of community assistance for the elderly inSweden (abstract). International Action Research Conference “Making ThePractical Turn practical Collaboration across nationalities professions andvarieties of  action research” Oslo 10-12 / 2007. Arranged by WorkResearch Institute Oslo, Norway.

Petersson, P., Johansson, Y., Lälström Olsson, I.,Lindskov, C., Pajalic, Z. (2007). Romance versus reality, five doctoralstudents experiences of action research in the health care system in Sweden.(Symposium paper). CARN 9-11 November 2007 International Conference UmeåUniversity, Sweden.

Springett, J. Folkesson, A., Peterssen, K.A.,Abrahamsson, A., Blomqvist, K., Petersson, P., Pajalic, Z, Lindskov, Cecilia& Johansson, Y. (2008). Participatory Practice in a Non Participatory worldexperiences and challenges of working in the health and social care sector inSweden end elsewhere.  CARN Conference 7-9 November 2008, Symposium paper,Liverpool, UK

Pajalic, Z & Persson L. (2010). Using storydialogue method, inspired by the PAR approach, to identify and develop problemareas in food distribution to elderly people living at home in fivemunicipalities in Sweden(paper). 
Eight World Congress of ALARA Melbourne 5-9September 2010, Australia

Pajalic, Z (2010). Matdistribution inom äldreomsorgen(The food distribution in the elderly care). Conference presentation, 16 MartKrinova Kristianstad Sweden.

Planned papers

Pajalic, Z., Persson, L., Westergren, A., Bergren, V.& Skovdahl, K. (2010). Victims or beneficiaries? The meal-box as a symbolfor feeling dependent and grateful Swedish older people’s experiences relatedto food distribution from the municipality. International Journal of OlderPeople Nursing. (manus)

Pajalic, Z. (2010). "Nutrition glasses" Aparticipatory action research project about development of distribution servicefor home living Swedish older people (manus)

Pajalic, Z., Persson, L., Westergren, A., Bergren, V.& Skovdahl, K. Food distribution in Sweden from decision maker’s perspectives- An action research study

International Collaboration

Contact responsible for international collaborationbetween School of Health and SocietyKristianstad Universityand Faculty of Medical Sciences Sarajevo University 2003

International scientific charge

Sentinel Reader for Health Information Research Unitat McMaster University,Faculty of health Sciences, and the Editorial Office for Evidence-Based Nursing, OntarioCanada, 2006

Reviewer of the Journal of happiness Studies, Facultyof Health and behavioural Sciences, Melbournecampus at Burwood, Australia, 2006