Martin Butcher's Community Engagement Planning Workshop, Brisbane

16 Mar 2011 - 12:00am
18 Mar 2011 - 11:59pm

In todays world those who will be effected by projects and programs

increasingly expect to be meaningfuly engaged in the decision making


These training workshops provide both the theory and essential

skills for project and program managers to identify and take a

planned approach to appropriately engage stakeholders in their work.

The course outcome is for project and program managers to gain the

capacity required to take a structured and planned approach to

community and stakeholder engagement in their projects and programs.

One and two day workshops are available. Each workshop is

interactive covering both theory and practice of community

engagement. In Day 1 participants develop a shared understanding of

community and stakeholder engagement in decision making. A key

component of the course is for participants to design and reflect on

engagement plans that they create in the course. To do this they are

provided with a structured approach to plan engagement activities

for a project using a variety of community engagement tools and

techniques provided.

Participating in Day 1 is a prerequisite for attending Day 2. This

[Day 1] can be either immediately prior to Day 2 or at an earlier

time. This second day builds on the skills developed in the first

and explores the relationship between action research and

complexity. New engagement and planning tools are also introduced

and explored to provide participants with a deeper understanding of

the topic. This second day resulting in participants having a deeper

understanding of both theory and practice of the topic.

Dates Day 1: 16th March 2011

Day 2: 17th March 2011

Venue: Riverglenn, 70 Kate Street, Indooroopilly

Costs: Day 1: $370 (inc.GST, teas and lunch)

Day 2: $370 (inc.GST, teas and lunch)

Days 1&2 Package: $600 (inc.GST, teas and lunch)

You can make a booking by phoning Camilla or me on 07 3378 6303, or

faxing us details on 07 3878 4338.