Conflict Management Workshop with Bob Dick, Brisbane, Australia

2 Apr 2011 - 12:30am

Bob Dick is facilitating a 2 day workshop on Conflict Management. This workshop is for people who wish to improve their skills and understanding for resolving conflict as a mediator or 'third party.

The early bird date is this coming Thursday, 17 March. Because this is late
notice I'll extend the early bird rate to anyone who enrols by the early
bird date. You may have some friends or colleagues who would like to

You can tell them that the processes I use are robust and learnable, with
wide application. For instance, these processes are also useful for
improving communication in difficult interpersonal situations.

I've designed the models and processes to behave well even in the hands of
novices. There will be opportunities for workshop participants to practise.

You'll find further details at -- click on the
workshop title.

Early bird is $550 ($500 + GST). (Standard fee is $660 including GST).
There are also a limited number of $330 bursaries for unwaged and other
deserving cases.