Step One: Connect to the people who connect to me

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This is simple direction to myself. Instead of rushing through my email, linger over those emails that suggest the writer is on a similar journey. Say hello. Look at where they hang out.

Second move: put time into the channels to which I'm committed. The ALARA website (until I resign in a huff), the Riddells Creek Studio on facebook, my own site, which has died in the arse while I've been doing the PhD. 

So here are some people who cross my multiverse in the next 48 hours:

Deb Lange - who will join the ALARA Management Committee as International VP, with a view to creating relationships for the next World Congress of Action Research. Then on from deb to Berkana Institute

Jude Bunn, who came to the first workshop held by my beloved here at Riddells, and who just sent this video -

which resonates, because I seem to be working my way to blogging with image and spoken word.

Jo Murray, elearning facilitator, who through Linked In has sent news of friends winning an award. Jo tried to talk to me years ago, and I was too distracted to do so. Jo sends me to Nancy White. Then I find Nancy's post on the social artist. 

Yoland Wadsworth, who kindly resent the email about the ARIA AGM and the next AR@Italia (see Upcoming Events top right).

Moragh Mackay, who I came to know in the peer groups of my PhD research, and is now a colleague and a freshly conceived PhD student.

Susie Goff, who is deep into taking the ALARA journal on-line using Open Journal System, but with whom I'm hatching an inquiry into how to improve understanding of AR in government here in Australia.

Let all this play out and converge. Work and wait. Give it time. That's my new mantra, born of 5 years of a PhD, that has torn apart my old idea of billable hours. 

New journey

Pamela Kruse

I am leaving the public sector after many years.  It is a dysfunctional workplace with very poor management admittedly which arises from the ever changing demands of governments.  I am evolving a new life, however, I don't know what is will bring.  I don't have to have the answers at this stage.  Ross, I like your mantra of work and wait, give it time. 

Kind regards


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