Interchange Workshop Program 2012, Bob Dick, Brisbane

23 Jun 2012 - 12:00am
21 Oct 2012 - 5:00pm

This is to let you know about my workshop program for the year, and some other activities. It is to give you (or your colleagues and clients) a chance to note any relevant dates in your diary.

The official "Interchange" workshop program is now on the web at The workshops mentioned there are:

28-29 April Culture, story and change

23-24 June Foundations of facilitation

25-26 August Advanced facilitation

20-21 October Action learning.

I also plan to offer the "Culture, story and change" workshop in Perth and Melbourne, in those venues cofacilitated with Andrew Rixon. Venue, dates and fees are yet to be decided.

In addition to the Interchange program, I'm also joining colleagues for other workshops in Brisbane:

With Mary Maher, "What's next: making the most of your 50s
onwards" (17-18 March, with an additional evening session on
29 March). See

With Chris Patty, 7-8 June, a workshop "Creative dissent: making the most of diversity". This will be a workshop where we and the participants explore the topics of difference and diversity experientially. See

Peter Rennie is facilitating his two-day program on "Beyond
bystanding to understanding and action" around Australia.
I'm assisting him with his Brisbane workshops on 14-15 May
and 17-18 September. See

Graham Scott has organised a conference on "Leadership
effectiveness and program project management". The featured
presenter is Charlie Pellerin, who managed the team that
built and launched the NASA Hubble space telescope. I'm
presenting too. The date is 20 March, and other details are

The International Association of Facilitators (Oceania
Region) is having its inaugural conference in Melbourne on
7-9 March, with preconference workshops on 6-7 March. See My preconference workshop is on
building capacity (the conference theme) through action

And if you or a colleague or client has a desire for something challenging and impactful, you might have a look at the 5-day "Deep leadership" program with Phill Boas and Peter Fullerton. It's in Kalorama outside Melbourne, 13-17 August. I'm not involved.

Many thanks to those of you who have been passing on details of my workshops to your colleagues and clients. I've had some very talented participants at my workshops in the past, and I appreciate your contribution.

Bob Dick