Feminist pragmatism, (F)AR and the mystery of participation

My interests are the gendered structures of our organisations and the learning processes that can - or cannot - take place. I subscribe wholeheartedly to John Dewey's and Jane Addam's pragmatism. Methodological and ethical issues keep me busy as I try to understand learning, organisational change and development, agency, social justice, (re)distribution of resources, power and democracy.

ALARA on facebook - that's where the action (well, more action) seems to be

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Dear All,

If you think there's too little conversation on all matters ALAR, join us on facebook, where we have established a group page. There are some interesting posts and papers already. It'd be great to connect with more of you here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/218695368241066/

Best wishes,


Hello from Colombia


How are you? 

Sorry I had not replied to your email as I was at the final stage of the writing of my PhD thesis. Now it is under examination (fingers crossed!). 

I came back from Australia one month ago and I am settling in after three years overseas. 

I was renewing my membership and re-setting my password. I hope to re-start our wonderful conversations.

Best wishes,


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Hi there, there's now a

Hi there, there's now a discussion on action research on Facebook, which Claudia set up at http://www.facebook.com/groups/218695368241066/

Congratulations on getting your thesis in!


Ross Colliver, TTDG, 0411 226519

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And congratulations from me too Doris.

Pip Bruce Ferguson Teaching Developer University of Waikato Hamilton, New Zealand

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