Access Inner Wisdom: Action Learning Reflective processes deepened by being present to animals & nature, 17-18/10, Deborah Lange

17 Oct 2012 - 12:30am
18 Oct 2012 - 4:00pm


The industrial revolution and our technological era have distanced us from our animal relations and from our own sensate wisdom our first and primary form of information gathering that we have learnt to ignore. Our mental acumen can provide us with only partial answers about how we make sense of the world. The body responds to the energetic changes in our environment, however, we have distanced us from our animal beingness.

In a nano second between our body experience and our mental interpretation we can not believe what our body is telling us and rely only on our mental acuity. I believe we have only been gathering information in one domain and to gather information from our body sensations in addition to our mental capacities has the potential to lead us to greater congruence and connection within ourselves, each other and our environment.

Being with animals and nature encourages us to develop the awareness of our body sensations and inherent body wisdom and to trust our ancient knowing abilities. This Action Learning reflective practice will stretch you to reflect on and listen to your sensate wisdom that is held within your body and include the gathering of this information in your Action Learning and Action Research programs.

I would love you to come and explore your deep questions in this unique environment.

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