New book: Evaluating Communication for Development. A framework for social change

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A book by my colleague Jo
Tacchi and I, Evaluating Communication for Development. A framework for social change
was launched in late February 2013 by Robert Chambers at the Evaluation Conclave in
Kathmandu, Nepal.


book presents a comprehensive framework for critically thinking about and
understanding development, social change, and the evaluation of communication
for development (C4D). This framework combines the latest thinking from a
number of fields in new ways. We have designed it as a way to focus on
achieving sustainable social change and to continually improve and develop C4D and
other complex social change initiatives. We critique dominant
measurement-oriented, upward accountability approaches to evaluation and offer
an alternative holistic, participatory, learning-based approach based on
systems and complexity thinking, action learning and other key concepts. The benefits
and rigour of this approach is supported by numerous examples from action
research and evaluation capacity development projects that we’ve conducted in
collaboration with others over the past fifteen years.
Building on current arguments
within the fields of C4D and development, we reinforce the case for effective
communication being a central and vital component of participatory forms of

more information and links to photos and a video of our book launch in
Kathmandu go to