International Federation of Action Learning Conference 2013 'Learning from the Coal Face', 6 June, London

6 Jun 2013 - 12:00am
6 Jun 2013 - 11:59pm

IFAL CONFERENCE 2013: Thursday 6th June 2013

'Learning from the Coal Face'

Invitation for workshop titles and leaders

Our next Conference on 6 June in Central London, will explore the variety and range of Action Learning; its different applications, contexts and methodologies. The format will be participative and collaborative, incorporating the classic Action Learning tools of active listening, insightful questioning and reflection.

We're inviting people to submit proposals for Action Learning based workshops that will enable us all to share, explore and learn from the diversity of applications, contexts and methodologies of Action Learning currently being used.

We are asking for proposals to be submitted
by Friday 1st March 2013

Some examples of these might be:

*What led you to choose Action Learning, rather than another methodology?
*What were the benefits and challenges - and what would you do differently next time?
*What are the ethics of Action Learning and how do these inform your practice?
*What is the range of facilitator styles you employ and how do you decide which to use?
*How do you interpret Action Learning methodology - do you use advice giving in Action Learning, for example?
*Is Action Learning a methodological process, or is it a philosophy? Does it matter?
*Working with different client groups - do you work, for example, with young people, in prisons, using Action Learning as a therapeutic tool, or with social entrepreneurs?
*What is your view of the different strands of Action Learning - such as business driven, professional development, coaching, counselling / therapy?
*How has your understanding and application of AL changed, as a result of your experience?

We invite you to submit a brief description, explaining how you are using or have used Action Learning. This should include a reflective piece describing:
*the process and outcomes
*your role
*what you hoped for
*your thoughts and feelings along the way
*aspects which were satisfying and challenging
*your conclusions at the end (if it has ended, that is!)

To make this a reflective learning experience for you and for your audience, and to help you to explore in true Action Learning fashion, we'd also like you to bring 3 or 4 key questions.

We will select 6 examples from the proposals we receive so that we ensure a spread of public, private and 'other' sectors, a variety of methodologies, applications and user groups.

The conference will have:
*3 parallel sessions of 90 minutes in the morning and
in the afternoon
*3 parallel sessions of 70 minutes (the afternoon workshops will each run twice). This will give each participant the chance to attend
*3 workshops during the day.

If you are interested in running a workshop, please email some brief details on the attached reply form to the Events Team.

If you're not sure whether your Action Learning example would be suitable, please feel free to contact the Events Team.

Best wishes,

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