Brisbane Conference 24 - 25 September 2006

"Invigorating the Politics of Participation"

A potential consequence of increasing pressure and less time in our personal and professional lives is decreased commitment, energy and motivation for collaboration and participation. Yet “collaborative interdependence” - people sharing information and working together to achieve mutually beneficial goals in a political environment is needed more that ever. This conference explores how collaboration and participation in organisations, workplaces, communities and families can provide benefits for all stakeholders in today's high pressure, political world.
1. About ALARPM
ALARPM is a strategic network of people interested in or involved in using action learning or action research to generate collaborative learning, research and action to transform:
- Workplaces;
- Schools, colleges and universities;
- Government and Business; and
- Communities and voluntary organisations.
Past ALARPM conferences have been praised for the involving and creative workshops offered, and the quality and diversity of offerings.
As at 30 May 2006, here is the list of presenters and workshop themes:
Deb Lange - Lessons from Nature about our Participation in the world

J. Roberto Guevara and Denise Nichols - “It’s a disaster; we don’t have time to be participatory!” “Or do we?”

Rudolph Muller - How to establish and maintain knowledge domains and anthology we have, now what?

K Distel - The Language of Dyslexia- Using Action Research with diverse learners in Higher Education

Alan Davies - Designing a participatory process

Shankar Sankaran - New researcher colloquium

Bob Dick - Complexity Processes

Ron Stanton - Access to equity and opportunity

Margaret Fletcher - What's in this for me?

Michelle MacLaren - Students, Sex and Solomon Islands: Realities of Participation in Action Research

Gita Sankaran - Philosophy and participation

Chris Kynch - Carrots and crunches – collaborative research within the teacher educator community.

Greg Leach - Negotiating the negotiation process- multi-stakeholder dilemmas

Jo Burden - Fair play cabaret: how the Brisbane Combined Unions choir worked with artworkers to devise a community theatre that challenges the new IR laws.

Shankar Sankaran and Stewart Hase - Knowledge creation and sharing

Ron Passfield - "Peeling onions: facilitating (accredited) in-house action learning programs"

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