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Introduction to the Management Committee Meeting July 10-16, 2006

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Meeting Introduction: 

This is the first Management Committee meeting using the website forum.

It will be an experiment for most of us, so each of us can navigate as best we can and maybe have a little fun in the process.

Minutes will be circulated soon, and an agenda set up. I envisage that the agenda will be a list of topics, and that each topic will have a sequence of comments from MC members interested in this item. This will allow you to follow the line of discussion.

I look forward to talking with you all.

Regards, Ernie.


Knowing when to look for comments on topics

Dear MC members

The habit you have to now learn (or kick into gear if you've already developed for other online discussions) is to log into the site regularly during the MC meeting to view and respond to new comments.

You do now have the option of having the site notify you whenever a new comment is added to the MC area. Look in the right hand menus, at the end of these, and you will see you can ask for email notification. This will lead to the surge of emails an MC meeting creates, so you are compelled to come in and read.

For those of you who are comfortable signing up to new things on the web, Marg O'Connell put me onto a site that partly solves this problem, at wwww.bloglines.com It will keep track of any new comments made in the MC Meeting Forum, and alert you when you consult it. This lessens the crowded inbox problem, but you still need to open your bloglines page to see that there are new comments.

Marg uses bloglines to keep track of many sites and blogs in this way - the day I phoned her, I think she said she had just pruned her list of sites down to 30!

Easiest is ... put time aside each day to log into the site. When you go into the MC forum, you'll see which topics have new comments.

The other thing I'd mention is that we don't yet have 100% security from scamming intrusion by non-ALARPM persons. Our recent upgrade has stopped the spam we were getting (10 or so messages a day in the public forum). If we have uninvited guests, we'll deal with it. However, you should also know that Google (and other search engines) will be able to take people in to view our conversations, so treat the conversation as potentially public.

Ross Colliver signing off .... with Donna's sign-off coming up automatically because I signed in as that all powerful presence - "admin."

Best wishes

Donna Alleman
ALARPM Administration Coordinator
Email: admin@alarpm.org.au
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