Who is mcwebman?

Meeting Introduction: 

If you view the list of participants at this meeting you may notice an account named mcwebman.

This is not an intruder sent by Big Brother.

mcwebman is a monitoring account set up by me, John Saward, the webmaster here at ALARPM.

The purpose of the account is for me to monitor the MC meeting in order to find out how the site could be improved for the next meeting.

I am interested in observing what works and what doesn't work. I am interested in observing how members utilise the site; which features are utilised a lot, and which not at all, and which seem problematic for the members.

The mcwebman account has exectly the same priviliges on the site as your Management Committee account - no more and no less. I have configured it that way so that I receive the same view of the site as you do.

I can of course alternatively access the site via more highly priviliged accounts, but for the purpose of this exercise it is best I utilise an MC-like account.

I make this statement as a disclosure of my intent in monitoring the meeting. Thanks John


color of rich-text window

Hi, I think the site and meeting area looks good! - but on my screen it is not easy to see the text in the rich-text editor (black on dark blue) - perhaps the dark-blue could just be a border ??


I will look at this soon.


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