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Editing existing blog posts

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In the process of posting my previous blog post, I worked out that to edit a post you first click on the post title. The edit tab appears at the top of the page.

Just thought I'd spread the learning... :oP

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Do you know how to upload a photo?

HI Maragerat

Thanks for spreading the learning! Wondering if you know how to upload your photo on your blog - is this something we can do ourselves or do we ask Donna or Ross to do it?
Susan Goff

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Uploading your photo

Hi Susan,

Uploading your photo can be done by you through your ALARPM profile. You can access your own profile simply by clicking on your name wherever you see it. You can then edit your profile information including uploading a photo by selecting the 'Edit' tab at the top of your profile information.

Once in the edit view, you'll see an option on your screen to upload or change your photo.

Looking forward to seeing the face behind the name Susan, very soon ;o)

Cheers, Marg

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Checking access

I keep 'seeing' different aspects of this site.

I am wondering: is it morphing with minor administrative tweaks since/ as a consequence of my new role as minute secretary to the MC and EG?   Is it morphing with minor administrative tweaks as a consequence/ since I have been reporting various 'denied access' responses, whether I am a member of the MC and EG or not?

For instance: This post is gathered into the ALARPM Website area which is a subset of the Groups area.   I am not a registered member of this group, but there are posts here, and I have 'seen' them before.  Since I haven't posted to them when I first saw them they have disappeared from my view, until just now.  Now I am about to check if I really can post this draft here.

Dianne Allen KIAMA, NSW

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