Contributions to the Action Research Case Study (ARCS) Monograph Series

Contributions are welcomed to the Action Research Case Study (ARCS) monograph series.  The case studies in this refereed series contribute to theoretical and practical understanding of action research and action learning in applied settings.  Typical length is in the range 8,000 to 12,000 words: about 40 typed A4 pages, double spaced.Types of case studies include (but are not limited to):

n       completed cases, successful and unsuccessful;

n       partial successes and failures;

n       work in progress;

n       within a single monograph, multiple case studies which illustrate important issues;

n       problematic issues in current cases.

We are keen to develop a review and refereeing process which maintains quality.  At the same time we wish to avoid the adversarial relationship that often occurs between intending contributors and referees.  Our plan is for a series where contributors, editors, and referees enter into a collaborative process of mutual education.We encourage dual or multiple authorship.  This may involve a combination of experienced and inexperienced practitioners, theoreticians, clients, and authors from different sectors or disciplines.  Joint authors who disagree about some theoretical or practical point are urged to disclose their differences in their report.  We would be pleased to see informed debate within a report.

If you would like to contribute or need more information, please contact the ALAR Editor at